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strong trigger warning. are my feeling here valid?

this has stong wording and sexual assult and all types off abuse. please consider your mental health before reading thank you. all names in hear have been changed for the safety off all involved. i am about to go no contact with my mother for the abuse i have suffer at her hand but first i want to tell everyone what happened and how i feel. can you please tell me if i am being to harsh?

This has been one of the hardest posts I have ever had to make. I ask that you read everything before you reply. Please hear me out then you can say what you want but I want it known I have people who will be watching, all private messages will be screenshot, posted publicly and it is there that I will reply. So, you might as well just post your comment below and do not even try private messaging me if it is not supportive for what I have to say. Also, even supportive messages will be posted, no one here is special or discriminated against. This is about exposing my abuser and nothing more.
Ok let us get started. You once asked me what I had to be depressed about when I told you I was struggling. I hope this answers your question, but I do not think it will. You have stated that I was faking disabilities that I had not even heard of before I was even diagnosed with, you have made fun of a small child for being scared of a hallucination. I now know this is common for children with complex PTSD, imagine that.Overall, the point is you have disregarded my mental illness and believed my main abuser over me but let us move on.
I know this will not change your mind, that would take you recognising your narcissistic, toxic behaviour and that, honestly it is more likely that the gods would walk on this earth again than you admitting your behaviour. You have out rightly told me you have a diagnosis of bipolar type one. Funny thing about that, bipolar is enough to get you disability if you seek treatment but you wont and then you go off at me for seeking treatment for the disorders that i can place at your door. You go off at me for being on disability because i went and got help, but your mentile health is worse then mine and you still wont seek help. Seeking help would fix everything but you just wont and then you put that frustration on me.
You will read this, and you will not even know it is about you if I had not made it so very obvious by now, I know you know who this is about. I know you will not see why this is wrong. I am ok with that. You do not confront a bully because you think it will change their mind. You do it because they deserve to be called out, and you my dear deserve this more than most. I am not doing this for an apology. I am doing this for me to release you and to tell you I deserved better then what you did to me.
Underneath are a list of charges I lay at your feet. I want it known I did not want to do this; I have tried getting along with you, but I am over your smear campaign I am over the emotional blackmail, I’m over the abuse.
Point 1. how a loving mother acts when their child's life is indangour.
I would like to start this with one day about six months after I was born, you and the man you would proceed to have one more child with got into a fight and he threw me, A SIX MONTHS OLD INFANT onto the bed. You seem to think that because you were not the one to do the act you were not in the wrong here, but here is the thing. If you care for your kid and your partner puts that child in danger ONCE you leave.
NO, there is no excuse for staying, I do not care if you “loved” him, he threw your 6-month baby on a bed, at that point your child’s life is in danger, you leave.
Let us continue on shall we to the fact that even though YOU had escaped him, and you knew what he was capable of you continued to let him have unsupervised visits with me. I am sorry but if I have seen that my partner is in any way capable of aggression towards my kids, I am not leaving him alone with them. But you did. You insisted to not take away HIS rights, well what about mine? The minute I said I did not want to go with him, that should have been it. you should not have let him pressure me into going with him.
But let us be honest here shall we, we are placing way too much blame on Adam because you could be just as bad. I can only speak for me of course but I don’t remember you sober except when you were doing your HSC and even then I don’t think you were as “sober” as you wanted us all to believe.
Point 2. theft
You stole a 1000 dollars from me when i got compensation for the sexual abuse i suffered. I told you i did not want to go for compensation.I told you It made me feel like I was being paid for my assault, what did you do? You pushed me AGAINST MY WILL to go for compo even though i told you I DID NOT WANT IT! You did not think about how going over something so traumatic would make the whole thing worse, you just thought of the money, money i did not want. When i got it you asked to borrow a 1000 dollars and you would pay it back. i told you point black i needed it before my birthday because i was going to use it to give myself the best 21 ever. That never happened, in fact you said grandmother told you to keep the money and if you did pay it back she would disown you. Well now both your children want nothing to do with you, how does that feel? Also if what you said is true and grandmother did say this (which i don't think she did.) she can go get fucked too. You do not steal from your mentailly ill 20 year old child- you did.
Also dont try the, “i spent 1000s on you”, im your FUCKING CHILD. I did not ask to be born, i did not want to be born, I hate life. The only reason i'm not dead is the guilt you put in me for thinking i don't deserve to feel the way i do and killing myself would be “selfish”. So no you don't get to say that. You were selfish enough to want me, you spread your legs and you decided to keep me when you found out. That was your choice, take some fucking responsablity and stop trying to blame your kids for your shitty life choices. Giving us life in this climat and the climat back then wasnt a gift as you like to say, it was a fucking curse.
Point 3. what a loving mother does not do.
A loving mother does not say
“I don’t hate you, I hate your personality”
Glad you cleared that up mum when you said, “I hate you”.
“I love you, I just don’t like you right now.” I mean it’s not like
I wasn’t already being bullied at school on a daily basis, being told at school by the student body how much they hated me and when I moved schools because off my awkward and antisocial ways I was completely ostracised and I didn’t need love and support from you. (sarcasm)
On that note loving mothers do not deny their child physical affection when they are the only ones, they can get it from. No, I do not care what your excuse is. I do not care that is how your mum treated you, you always prided yourself on being the better parent well you were not you were an abusive bitch deal with it.
You do not hit or choke a bullied child because they do not want to go to the place where they have no friends and nothing to do on the best days and on the worst their life was in danger, I’m not even blowing this up they threw pieces of paper that were on fire at me.
I begged you to home-school me, but you wouldn’t and why? Because you didn’t know it was an option- if you cared you would have found out, you just didn’t want to be responsible for your disabled daughter’s education because you were disappointed in me for being dyslexic because heaven forbid your child not be good at English.
Point 4 how to get children to like each other.
You made me believe I was responsible for my sister protection. Every bit of resentment we held and still hold for each other would not be there if it had not been for the toxic behaviour you encouraged on both our sides. You should have separated us; you should have admitted you could not handle me. You should have let me go, but heaven forbid your ego take a hit.
Part 5. Child rasing
A good mother does not dump a 1 year old on an 11-year-old and a 9-year-old, you did. To the point that said child called me and the 9 year old mum. I had people at the shops thinking this child was mine. You were the adult, you should off been the one washing, feeding, taking care off him and yet you werent, we were.
Part 6. fertility
A loving mother doesn’t turn around to their clearly hurting and grieving child who is reaching out about pain they feel about their sister being able to do something they can’t and I quote- “it’s a good thing you can’t have children, because you wouldn’t make a good mother anyway”.
I am sorry, what? Who are you to say that to me? Maybe I should call aunty k give her a nice long list off how you have handled my miscarriages. “Oh but i understand i lost a child once” you had one miscarrgie that you only ever mentioned to down play my hurt at leaning i cant have kids. The only person in this family who has any right to say anything about my fertility problems is the only person in the family who could possibly understand at all and that person isnt you. Its aunty k.
I wanted children, i wanted a family. A big one. I want 10 kids and 8 dogs and a white picket fance. Im not going to get that naturally- witch cool i have no problem with adoption and if me and my partner ever decided we wanted a child that is probably the way we would go- BUT you want to tell me that my adopted child wouldnt be as LOVED that my FAMILY wouldnt be as real because i adopted. If you really believe that, why did you give up scott? I mean if you cared and loved your child - witch you have said you did, thats why you gave him up your words- why would you give him to someone if you believed they were incapable off loving that child as their own? You are a horrible human being who has fostered jealousy on more then one occasion between me and my sisters because they are physically healthy and abiled body and i am not.
If you honestly think i dont love my younger siblings nephews neices or any child of the people i love have with all i my heart or you think that i could love a child more because it come from my twat then you have no idea who the fuck i am. I dont even feel like i have the right to reach out and interact with my sibling children because im almost positive they hate me and honestly that can be placed with you too, and i dont blame them. Because you wouldn't be a parent i had to be the bitch. The one saying no. the one stopping shit that could hurt them. i was the only one trying to protect them. I saw where they were headed and tried to stop it. you were drunk.that should have been you. I love my siblings and could not be prouder off any off them but do not try to take responsibility for how we turned out, that wasn't you. That was us.
Also do not try to pin this on aunty d, she is a sweet kind woman who is shy and doesn't know how to assert herself. She gave up the wine, she showed unconditional love and support. The worst thing that woman has ever done to me is when i came out she told me she thought my sexuality was just a “phase” and I'd grow out of it. I didn't but that's ok, she also told me that day that she would love me no matter what and has never not done that.
If you want someone you can drag into your snake pitt take p his treatment off me compared to his own fucking kids was messed up. How was i the fucking favourt when i wasnt his god dam kid- and dont say i wasnt we all know i was.
Part 7. Traumatic situations.
Moving on to ten when my favourite uncle held us hostage. Did you know I saw that knife held to your neck while looking over the banister? I did. I saw my favourite uncle hold a knife to your neck and new me and my sister needed to get out which is why when you came up, I was trying to get my sister to leave. That is why I said the tree. You made the whole thing about you, it was all you. Me and my sister, we weren't traumatized, i didn't just lose the one person i felt like i had a connection to. No, the only person who mattered was you. To the point that when i broke down i was told i had to “stop crying” because YOU need me, a ten year old child, to be strong enough to handle YOUR truma. Thats not how that works.
Part 8. How to handle your child be sexually assaulted
How about 12? How about when the ongoing sexual harassment and inappropriate comments [grooming let us be honest} by my MOTHERS partner at the time was doing {that both me and my siblings had warned her about it and that we were uncomfortable. I am not protecting you anymore, you knew how we felt.} ended with him sexually assaulting me and another girl. {for her privacy I will not name her, but she knows who she is. If she wants to confront you that is on her.} while he was babysitting and why was he babysitting? Because you wanted to go out partying and do not say “oh well you said it was fine” I was 12 what else would I say?
Also after that you proceed to tell me about your sexual assault and that you had it so much worse. You said this while drunk and did not remember. You were in your 20s when you were assaulted, I WAS A CHILD! I was even a child the first time I was raped. You are not special, you want help see a doctor stop putting it on me and my siblings- also get some help your not ok, you have never been ok, the fact you put this on a CHILD proves your not ok. You have told me so much shit when drunk to discredited my assaults i don't even know if what you said was true anymore but ill give you the benefit and say it is. In witch case you are not coping you are an abusive alcoholic who doesn't even see the damage they're doing around them. Get help.
I have a massive problem with understanding what is and isn't appropriate to say now, i don't understand social situations. That was your fault. Your the one who didnt teach me what is and isnt appropriate in sexual situations. Im reteaching myself this, i use to think this is because off how open everyone was, aunty j aunty k ec, but its not. That should off tought me body confidence and kindness not an inability to decipher when im making someone uncomfortable with sexual comments. You made the talk off sex so common that now the idea off people being uncomfortable with it is confusing to me. That should off been part of the conversation, why wasnt it?
Part 9 how to deal with bullying
Under all of this is the ongoing systematic bullying that went from kindy till year 10, why did it go on for so long? Because when you were given the option to move me to another district in year 6 you kept us in the same town because you did not want to separate my sister from her friends. If you had put me first for once I would never have hurt. I am going to leave this hear but you know you did more, and I have no problem airing all your dirty laundry mother.
So, what is the result of what is clearly intense abuse you may ask?
  1. I have DID
under this post or maybe above will be another post naming off my alters and explain what DID is and how it affects me, but for those wondering I have 8 main personalities 1 who has not made themselves none and two “sleeping”.
  1. Anorexia and bulimia and honestly, I do not blame anyone I went to school with but how did me vomiting after lunch every day not tip anyone off? How did me starving myself never get caught? Honest question. I mean i know you all didnt like me in school, but did no one see how much i was hurting? I needed help. Why did no one offer?
  2. PTSD, what do I say here? If you think you could get through what I went through, good luck.
  3. Bipolar schizoaffective disorder- it is a chemical imbalance in the brain, so I do not know what you want from me.
You have bullied and belittled me for my weight. You have put your own traumatic past on me when I was a minor and asking for help. It is not my job to get you through your trauma, I am your child, not your sister. YOU should be fixing mine. You should have been taking care of me loving me, instead you treated me like your own personal shrink and then got angry when I was hurt at you cutting me out after aunty k died. I never should have thought my job was to comfort you, your job was to comfort me.
Considering you cannot seem to understand the concept that you might be in the wrong. You even decided to out my sexuality to the family and were actively betting on my sexuality-that is not normal, that is not ok, that is not accepting. - you did this even though you knew we have a cousin who is like me and who was kicked from the family.
You even raised me knowing that no one, not even me, can connect with this family member because you all kicked him so fair from the family no one has heard from him since before i was born. YOU STILL THOUGHT YOU HAD THE RIGHT TO OUT ME! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. even if none off this was true it was my choice when, if or how i came out to my family, you took that away from me. That alone is enough for me to disown you. I had been fucking careful once i had grandma on my page. Yes i am big in lgbtq rights but i didnt start saying online that i was queer till you took that right away.
So, as we no longer have the right to come out how we want this is our coming out. we have DID as such I am not a girl or a boy, we have both male and female alters in our system. Our system's name is starlight. We are not one person. We as a whole identify as non-binary. Our sexuality is pansexual-demiromantic.
My name is not Madison, I only went by that because I didn’t want to try to get people to call me by my preferred name, I tried that I asked you to call me star, you couldn’t respect that because I chose it myself and nicknames can’t be “chosen” so you have called me by a completely different name to what mine actually is.
So just that we are clear
My name is (Insert name here)
My pronouns are he/him
I have 7 other active alters with their own gender and sexuality. You do not need to remember them all; we are happy with they/them as there is
more than one of us.
Also, you have meet my alters you just do not know me well enough
to tell the differences.
So what can we gather from all this?
You were an abusive person, i didnt blame you for my childhood before but i do now. You are completely responsible for my shitty childhood.if you had been a responsable sobor adult none of this would of happen. You took away my freedom and left me with the only choice of “do what YOU want” with me having no right to my own life or die. That's not a choice, that's the illusion of choice and you even took that away from me when uncle todd died, you told me what he did was selfish, you said killing myself was selfish. You took away my only way out and still dont see how you were wrong. After that you TRIED to take your life too, like shit your the biggest hypocrite i know.
You will never be left along with my CHILD, hell you will be lucky if you even know if i give birth. This is me saing im going no contact if you couldnt tell by now. Stay the fuck out off my life and anyone who wants to justifie or support her abuse ass can see them self out.
If you want my forgiveness you can start by returning the money you stole and issuing a public apology admitting to the shit i didnt say to prove you understand you are in the wrong. Keep in mind i have no issue handing the phone i have into the police and leaving you to deal with it if you in anyway attack me for this post. If you apologise i might for give you, if you chose to leave me the fuck alone the money will be in once a month. if you attack me, call me consistently or call me a lier and refuse to take responsibility for your actions i will just stop paying the bill and hand it too the police, i dont need it, i will survive with out it. you will not be able to pay the bill. Chose what you want to do.

thank you for reading this any advice would be grate.
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IRC Log from Ravencoin Open Developer Meeting - Sept 7, 2018

Hi all
Greetings and salutations!
two is a good number for lips
how do you dooski?
Jesse is not going to make it.
so what is todays topic
Yes, who's moderating? Announcements, etc.
well i guess thats chatturgas job
but hes not here so idk
I'm a poor substitute for Jesse. I'm moderating today.
Just FYI, there is a testnet5 with unique assets. Build from release_2.0.5 branch.
Are we able to connect to the testnet v5 seed nodes?
Yes. Testnet seed nodes are working now.
Yes. Testnet5 seed nodes are working now.
Ravencoin — Asset Issuance Cost – Tron Black – Medium
Let me start by thanking everybody in the community that has passionately contributed thoughts and ideas on the economics of asset…
looks like im compiling the binaries lol
I wrote a blog post about the pros/cons of the various burn options.
If anyone wants to weigh-in on their preference.
Because of the simplicity, I lean towards the first two options listed.
2.0.5 isn't going to be put on the webpage as an official binary release is that right?
Yes, that's right.
But, I'd encourage anyone to build it and run it on testnet5
i personally prefer the halvening option
@russkidooski With a particular floor?
the best option isn't listed, POM
tl what's POM?
Proof of Market
zaab is the author and just joined
Hi Boo and Zaab
Also "Prisoner Of her Majesty"
Sorry on vacation so not all in on this conversation but felt it was importsnt to join
Hey Zaab, welcome!
Hi all. Just observing. Hope no one minds.
Thanks for taking the time to write that article Zaab, it was very thought provoking.
Hi s&l
If anything, that was its main purpose
I prepped some questions i had before i realized i could make it
1. Why was a burn deemed necessary at all? What is the purpose of it? 2. How/why was the number 500 chosen. Was an economic analysis ran? Or was an analyzis done on how many assests could be reasonably handled (thus needed an asset amount cap)
3. Tell me the truth, how likely are you to impliment any alternative idea. Are we wasting our time making our cases?
being in favor becauseit is simplicity is not a plan for success; POM is fairly simple and will give a true market pricing
And i dont mean nust my own
any code contribution with ideas would be appreciated and tested.
That's a lot of questions.
Burning RVN helps the economics of the coin. Fewer circulating supply (more scarcity) the higher the value of the coin (assuming all else equal).
Also, there should be a cost to creating asset names in the namespace.
that is only half the economic formula
Burn is necessary because there must be a cost to consume the resources of the network.
hi bw
I didnt realize making the coin economical was one of the purposes of the coin
We could've recycled the RVN back through the miners (like fees), but the burn economics should help RVN price.
IMHO, all the well designed coins have a good economic model behind them.
Also sorry i would code it if i could but im not a programmer, if that invalidates my ideas so be it
It doesn't Zaab
recycle seems much more complex than POM
Because you tie good economics to a good mining base which is what ultimately is needed for security
It doesn't invalidate your ideas, but some of the complexities introduced with your ideas may not be feasible before Oct 1 (RC goal date).
simplicity/predictability is the guiderail here on burn vs recycle
This is deadline does not feel healthy
The ideas in POM, which I'll address in a minute also cause some issues.
launch deadline should not be more important than a successful launch design
My preference is burn with diminishing price over time.
When creating an asset, all nodes must agree on the price, and if that changes each block (or frequently), there may be issues. The signed transaction may sit in the mempool waiting for confirmation and the "price" in RVN may change.
To me a burn has 2 purposes only. One prevent a spam attack and two for the transaction id of the burn to act as a signature of authenticity of an asset
Zaab I'll tell the truth -- we want the best solution, but for all parties including application developers. Project planners like being able to budget and whole numbers.
simple is better
fix the price daily based on an avg; could taht solve
we don't want the nightmare of eth gas
The authenticity isn't an issue, because there are other ways to handle it.
What ive proposed at its maximum only increases under 2 rvn per day. Thats well within planning limits
@twolips An average of what?
POM formula being based on an avg of max burn and daily burn numbers
@Zaab If I understood your paper correctly (not a given) then it seems like the cost went down as more assets were created. Is that the case, or did I misunderstand the chart.
that ius healthy
at that point, the value of RVN will increase
As assets are created the remaining burnable rvn drops. Thus price drops
because of function not scarcity
As rvn are mined the remaining burnable rvn increases thus price increases
POM seemed to show higher burnrate, lower RVN cost (-10 RVN delta).
hi X_K
You need to burn 3,600,000 rvn daily just to keep up with mining. POM will almost certainly cause price to increase
That seems backwards to me -- from an economic standpoint.
Just like crypto is deflationary, its backwarsa
So if fewer people are creating assets, the price increases?
That seems counterintuitive to the project tho
How so
To me, price determines demand, not the other way around
Again -- that seems backwards. "Nobody is coming into our store, now we have to sell these sofas for a $1,000,000"
Thought the whole idea of rvn was asset creation
there are 2 aspects, cost of creation and value of RVN
But theres no maximim to sofas in the world you could always make more
both cause moves
Not the case with rvn
What do you all think about the 5-4-3-2-1 model?
If not many are being created, the cost of creation should be lower.
The value of RVN is closely tied to mining hash rate, but not correlated with number of asset names created.
you sell the for 1,000,000 but that is in Venezuelan bolívar
bad example
@boodog The purpose of RVN is assets. Not necessarily asset issuance.
As far as mempool blockage i envisioned something similar to mining difficulty calculation. Where it checks the previous assets created in comparison to the current one within a valid range
Tron_: thanks for clarification
I expect lots of assets to be created, but even better would be some really quality assets with real use cases and transactions on the nodes.
How many assets can the network currently handle?
More than the real world needs
More then 42million?
none compare to POM
As coded, 6000 per block for issuances.
But those issuances would squeeze out transactions.
@zabb that would mean that some transactions in the mempool would be valid and some wouldn't because they were created at different time.
42million is maximum not including sub assets or unqiue assets or reissuing
If we hit high loads, there are some scalability improvements we can make.
Ya that part of the idea isnt fully worked out but i dont know whats techicnally possible
True, as coded 42,000,000 root level assets is a max.
42MM is not accurate because as some point there is a breaking point where we price ourselves out of business
I meant if we had 42mil assets could the network support it
Lots more, sub-level assets. So a market could form under "COM" for example.
hi Skan
@twolips the question was how much can the network handle. not pricing
demand for the rare RVN will be expensive and competition will come in with a much better idea
Hi everybody
and 42MM was mention as max...not a true number
@Zaab It could issue them, but transaction volume has its limits at about 20x what Bitcoin does (sans Lightning).
Also again how did the number 500 come up? Did you do an econmic analysis or is it set based on max workload of the network
the breaking point is probably, at best, near half of that
if you haven't, you should all read zaab's proposal
options 5,4,3,2,1 can not be fairly comment ed on withot reading POM
Link please?
Ravencoin — Proof of Market: An Asset Issuance Cost Alternative
9/5/2018 — In response to “Ravencoin — Asset Issuance Cost” by Tron Black
Hitting the maximum number of asset is not nearly as worrisome nor pressing of an issue as the economic design , in my opinion
discord #burn-discussion as ongoing convo on this topic
Ive got to go, id like the 3 questions i posted earlier answered if possible. Ill be around if anyone has any questions.
POM would be more compelling if there was a (-) in there somewhere.
Depending on question 3 i will be willing to write 2 more papers
One attacking my own idea
When I foresee obstacles in the future for RVN having used the coin to it's maximum potential is very low on the list
One defending it
Take care everyone! Thank you for all the hard work!
Later Zaab
Thanks Zaab!
To hit maximum number of assets and not be able to issue anymore means that RVN worked to the highest extent
it's hard to model; it's hard to predict
but there will be no adoption if budgeting isn't easy for application developers
eth gas is a nightmare
The NASDAQ has ~3,300 companies on it. For reference and understanding this means if the NASDAQ completely converts all its companies to RVN, the total RVN burned will be….. ~1,650,000 or roughly 22% of the total RVN mined daily (until halving). Therefore, the amount of RVN burned will unlikely have any effect on the value of RVN if the proposed system is allowed to pass.
not only market flux but the MATHS
We will never come anywhere near that if the economic design makes it unappealing to issue assets on RVN. A decay to the cost as a safeguard against having become too expensive against dollars or investment of resources to model is necessary. Making so we can issue more assets than our wildwst dreams is a much lower priority and doesn't even matter unless the rest is figured out
Resources to mine*
i stand by the halvening model with a minimum
simple and effective
what about all the other assets we want to be tokenized
The most attractive thing to big time players is security, which implies hashrate, which implies value, which implies adoption (buy pressure)..
vehicles, land deeds, gold bars....
I think halving should be a safeguard not a regular thing, so iirc the chain has ways of knowing how many assets are being issued. I say we only even trigger an upcoming happening if assets being issued grinds to a halt, indicating price issues
I'm on halvening too althought I like the 5-4-3-2-1 flavor
Otherwise whatever the burn fee is is working fine, no reason to just always half it without context
halving is a sharp cost about bidgeting issues
DGW for asset? lol
POm smooths this out
@skan that would allow people to attack the network by now issuing assets. forcing a halving
no Skan it needs to be predictable to normals because planning/budgeting
the worse thing we can do is design limitations into the project
As it stands it costs 18 cents to issue assets on ethereum. Say what you will about the quality or lack of features, it's still a factor that we are competing against. Obviously RVN is different because there are only so many unique asset names and it has more complex and easier to use features, so it should be more expensive. But we are already starting our nearly x100 before we even go live
twolips it's not an algorithm -- it needs to interact with buyers/users or it's worthless
Skan yeah and did you read that smart contract code?
You're getting into ???
we're UTXO
i know
i dont know algos, i know user
thats the perspective i come from
You don't have to, their browser automatically singles out the important variables for you to change
yeah user want's cheap/easy
and predictable
@Tron what is your preference?
Why is Roshii so quiet? ;)
I say we code in a burn fee halvening that only triggers itself if no assets or very few assets have been issued for an extended period of time
relaxing from a talking section
@skan again that allows the network to the attacked
In this order: 500 RVN -> 500 RVN with halvening and 125 floor -> 500 RVN with 20% drop from original price each halvening.
@skan That doesn't work
when does it half?
@Tron Thnx
skan; have you read POM, kinda does that
Every 2,100,000 blocks. Should be roughly 4 years.
I'm on (3) in tron's list but (1) is ok too
Interesting, how so?
you have to read it
POM is not that -- it would be that with a (-) somewhere..
@skan, user, or miners wouldn't accepts asset transaction into blocks. Which would trigger a halving.
What @CORbie means is that the economics of POM as written seem backwards.
@skan, I'm not saying that would happen. But it is an easy attack vector that we can avoid.
The best part about flat rate of 500 is that if it becomes an issues down the road when more variables are known, we can reevaluate changing to a cheaper model.
Why make asset name creation cheaper when lots of names are being created?
i think we are redesigning an economic model, that is the beauty
sounds like a recipe for spamming the network
a spam recipe? sounds dubious.. :)
again there are 2 values; the cost of creation and the value of a RVN
Absolutely should get more expensive or stay flat with high demand, not cheaper.
the halvening model tron is talking about seems to be the simplest and most predictable
There is an interesting case study with the fixed cost to create a proposal in Dash. It was 5 Dash. That was really cheap at the time (under $5). The same 5 Dash went to $8000.
yes Russ -- the thing the 5-4-3-2-1 adds is legibility/budgetability to app developers (I don't think that's a word)
They haven't changed it, but there were solutions that were built around it.
if a lot are being created, RVN is succeeding, demand increases, RVN cost per creation goes down as value increases...keeping it affordable for all that desire to tokenize assets
And, the value of a Dash proposal went way up when the masternodes were kicking out millions.
Halvening model is my preference
how are we going to vote this?
on discord?
halving on a time schedule will not give a true market value
RVN already has market value
@twolips, you are associating asset creation to rvn value increasing. It doesn't work that way. It is almost always difficulty -> value increasing
@russkidooski By writing and running code :)
frog; you seem to be speaking from a miners perspective
A vote would be interesting - not binding - but really interesting.
the devs have a preference and people will ultimately follow them
@twolips, i am speaking from the perspective that the only thing that holds value is being able to make sure that the value is secure.
the devs have a preference and people MAY follow them
the devs.. those guys..
Would be interesting but could cause community issues if not chosen by devs. I am for no voting. Write and run code.
it is a complex issue; votes should only occur after big discussion
BW agree
let's take an informal vote now
Votes are never needed.
here it is
i vote for pizza
type 1 for 500, 2 for half, 3 for 5-4-3-2-1, 4 for POM, 5 for other
which one is the 5-4-3-2-1?
i forgot
and this is why no cvote should occure
20% discount at each halving.
like half but -20% orig value
o yea i like that one
not famil with the plan
20% discount at each halving. 500->400->300->200->100
Unique asset issuance cost 5->4->3->2->1
russ, how well do you know POM?
Nice round numbers.
not crazy well
but enough
i need to read up on it more
POM seems backwards to me.
have you read the proposal?
@twolips Are you recommending POM with the economics as written, or the opposite economics?
this is all backwards
6 (-) POM
i see 2 votes
no but it is a great starting point
you guys are so opinionated!
the variables need to be analysed
KISS 54321
ok! there's #3
any more informal non-binding votes?
Is 3 winning?
3 has 3
no other votes
the beauty is when the cost of creation goes down, say to .05 RVN, the value of RVN will be 1,000
VeronicaBOTLast Friday at 3:00 PM
exaggerated for demenstration
if cost goe to 1kRVN, the value willbe .05
twolips. Are you saying that as more assets are created the price decreases?
not the 'price', the cost of creation, yes
there needs to be a thorough analysis of POM
in the beginning of the #burn-discussion, there are some simple spread sheet examples
but with zaabs proposal it is backwards
how so
more assets being created > price for creation goes down
that is just asking the network to be spammed
So, that only works if the price of raven in the real world follows it. If not, the cost of creation will get lower, and people will start to be able to spam the network with assets.
This will make the nodes use more databasing and memory to run RVN.
This is bad ^^
and if a node isnt in sync you can get a lot of problems
this keeps the reation cost stable...great for customer acqusition
but it isnt technically feasable, we dont want the problems ethereum has
can that be cured with avging?
So because it is good for customer aqusition it is okay? Even if it is bad for the network?
daily, weekly,monthy? avgs to adjust cost of creation?
a opposed to what zaab said; each transaction, cost changes?
Lot's of talk but only 3 votes?
type 1 for 500, 2 for half, 3 for 5-4-3-2-1, 4 for POM, 5 for other
6 (-) POM
the POM seems to be a simple formula to be coded in (maybe naive)
i vote 3 if my vote counts, i feel like it has to be a set number, it would be easy to change if needed in future.
idk about network issues
@xiztak agreed
there's 4 for #3 with no other voes -- make it 5
X changing it in the future shows a centralized coin
who makes that decision
3 but I'm not for voting
and when
it's informal BW just taking temp
community is talkin about it now
and voting
for a set number
outline for me vote 2?
2 is following the halvening of coinbase -- 500 250 125 to some floor
1 o 3
of course the 500 magic number is up for debate in 1,2,3..
I agree it would be good to know where 500 came from.
Meaning the thinking behind that exact number
i suggest nybody serious about the importance of this topic, to join the active convo
Maybe @Tron_ can tell a story but it's just (starting_block_reward/10) in my mind..
important to the success of all your hard work
twolips I don't know what that means -- you mean Discord or something?
as far as i know, that is the most active
or do you mean there are like 4 cats in here?
why people in Discord when we here? talk about shouting at clouds..
5000 per block so 500 per aseet creation so 10% of mined coins per block? maybe
@twolips is there a floor that the cost of issuance would get to on POM?
if attacked it could be 0 or 1 then its game over
seems in the rough spreadsht examples
corbie; here once a week...startin 3 weeks ago
and it's been fun!
a lot more fun in discord
i'm hjere al week...tip ur waitresses
Is there anything more we are going to discuss?
maybe Xiz concept may fit into POM
need zaab to think about
Nothing on my agenda -- final informal vote seems to favor 5-4-3-2-1
no real support for POM (zorry zaab)
Thanks everyone!
wow, an uninformed vote...impressive
you vote?
what's your vote twolips I don't think I got it
this vote is informal, it means nothing really
so you don't want to make an informal meaningless vote twolips?
i case u haven't POM
but (-) or no?
because as is it makes no sense as many of us have pointed out..
many uninformed
4 cats i think u called them
I can read and do basic math..
that was just a reference to nobody being here..
write up a retort to zaabs propasal explainin (-); would love to seeit
I like the idea of using ratio of coinbase to burn to set market, just has it in wrong direction
And I'm a (3) guy so don't think we want market anyway..
POM is a self regulating federal reserve
revolutionary and RVN could intro it to the world
Thanks for the discussion everyone -- I'm signing off. Buy RVN!
hope you are all putting a lil more thought into this...could be make or break
@twolips. We are 100% putting lots of thought into this
@twolips This is something that is very important to RVN
i know...hence my passion
and I truely believe POM can be revolutionary
It could be, sure. There are lots of different good option though tbh.
bring thm up...lets out the community to work
a lot of eager minds
POM needs to be more thoroughly developed
we also need working prototypes
it started with fixed burn number and progressed
Can someone point me to a good readup on POM
bring in some thoughts
#burn-discussion on discord
i (vincent) invited you on rvntalk
We're done thank you
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[Table] gaming: I am a programmer for Guild Wars 2, AMAA.

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Date: 2012-10-17
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
What programming methodologies does your team use? ie. agile, scrum, etc. This depends on the phase of the project which we're in - during "normal" development (like now!) we use a customized scrum-based project. When we're finalling we tend to go back to a traditional team-based just-fix-the-bugs process.
What do you use for source control and how do you handle refactoring code for optimization? Or do you try for best optimization on the first pass? We use perforce for source control. We have a few branches which we can work in to do refactoring (for optimization or any reason) so we can roll things out when they're ready.
What standards and practices do you use? Game development is actually pretty normal software development - we use technical design documents, coding standards, code reviews, etc, etc.
How does someone that is a new graduate get into the game programming job market when most jobs require being part of a published title already? Write games in your spare time! They don't have to be massive, just small polished games. People who are passionate about game development can't help themselves - they write games no matter what. That's how I got into the industry - I wrote a Game Boy emulator.
What is your engine written in? It's mostly in C++
How often to you dive down to the bit level of data manipulation? Very often :-)
Ever have to write Assembly code? Sometimes, although these days it's fairly rare.
Are you guys looking to eventually move to git/mercurial, since Perforce appears to now have Git integration? When you "scrum" what tools do you use to help with the process (ex. Pivotal)? Are you tasking with hours, story points, sprints, stories, epics, business value, etc.? As a company, no we won't be moving away from perforce. Git doesn't handle large, binary assets well and that's a problem for us. However, I personally use Git constantly on top of Perforce on my local machine for code. I find having a personal source control solution to manage my many different concurrent tasks and projects an indispensable part of my work process.
Any especially salient reason for settling on C++? Mostly performance.
Is your emulator widely used? Or just your personal one. I never released it, sadly - it was really a personal project to see whether I could do it. There were much better ones out at the time :-)
Can you explain a little more about your personal source control setup? This is really intriguing to me. Briefly as I need to get back to work =P. I use a git repository that ignores everything except code (so things like *.cpp, *.h, .vcproj, etc. make it in). My master branch is always clean and is what I am in when I sync perforce. Then I have branches for everything I'm working on and just rebase them onto master as I update master. When I'm satisfied with my work, I have a powershell script that takes the differences between my current branch and master, and creates a new perforce changelist with these files in it. I then merge the branch into master then submit the generated changelist (after writing the appropriate description of course =P).
I also have a backup repository on another computer that I constantly push to so if I ever have to change machines, experience hard drive corruption or some other catastrophic failure, I still have all my work.
I'm assuming you took some design steps early on to port it to other platforms easily too, which makes C++ a great choice? That's a great point - C++ is pretty portable, which is important for us.
What do you mean when you say 'mostly C++'? Is it written in other languages as well? How would that even work? We have a lot of different systems - the game client is only one of them (lots of different servers and tools and other backend services). We use a variety of languages depending on the needs of the system.
Thank you for answering! This was one of those glass shattering as you realize your life could be so much easier moments for me. Glad I could help! It took me a weekend of time to get it set up in a useful way. Then that Monday, first time I started using it, I wondered how I ever survived without it!
your colleagues aren't complaining about missing commits because you commit entire branches as one patch? (unless I misunderstood this) The git repository is strictly to assist me in keeping track of my work. I'm not commiting HUGE changes to perforce all at once, I'm still checking in changelists that are the same size as if I hadn't used git. However my git checkins are usually tiny bite-size checkins that you would never check in to a shared repository. The net result is that each branch turns into a log of my work. This of course helps me tremendously when going back and debugging, seeing where I went wrong, how I iterated on a problem, going back to a previous technique as I learn more about what I'm working on, etc.
My old colleagues would. :D. The other major advantage that git provides for me is the ability to quickly be in a clean state. I shut down whatever I'm working in, a quick "git checkout master" later and I'm at a clean state that I can branch from and fix a high-pri bug that just popped up and "ZOMG MUST BE FIXED NAO!" without losing any work or letting what I'm working on interfere with the bug. It also is nice when someone checks in something that breaks the build (which of course NEVER happens =P). I unwittingly sync up (I always sync p4 when I have git's master branch checked out and check the fresh sync into git with the latest p4 changelist number in the git commit description), then "git rebase master" the branch I'm working on. Well, instead of syncing, building, just to find out I'm blocked, I can simply "git rebase master~1" and all of a sudden my branch is RIGHT back where it was before I synced and I can continue working as the appropriate party is fixing the blocking issue! (Side effect, this has also helped track down issues in the past as I now have a record of two builds between which the build broke.)
Why not just use Perforce shelving? I started using a local git repo around the time that Perforce introduced shelving. The impetus was the fact that shelving appeared to be incredibly useful to me but at the time, p4 didn't allow you to merge changes from a shelve into local changes. This was a huge problem for me as I was always touching a file I had shelved and then dealing with getting everything synced up again after unshelving was kind of a pain. The local solution I started rolling at that point was far more flexible and powerful. I'm also a command-line kind of guy so it all just fit for me. Since then p4 has most definitely improved shelving a LOT and also introduced streams. Both of these features can (I believe) accomplish everything I do with git but I'm used to git and I don't see a need to change currently. The only advantage I see is the reliability of our p4 depot and storing my work there. But I'm used to backing up my git repository constantly so it just doesn't seem worth it to me to switch.
Will you ever implement or even consider a FoV slider? We've heard players loud and clear on this one. But we're not prepared to answer yet because we just convened a team to investigate, on Monday in fact, and we want to give them time to investigate. For example, there may be a bug affecting FoV calculations in widescreen resolutions. We want to know what's a bug and what's by design before we change the design.
What kind of witchcraft you use that makes both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 not need hours and hours of downtime for server maintenance and game updates? Ok, so this is kinda secret, but I'll tell you anyway. I can tell you because it's easy to say and really hard to do.
We have a system which lets us run the old build and the new build at the same time. So we don't need to take the old build down when there's a new one, we just also host the new build.
That's it, it's that simple in concept. But complicated to implement.
It also requires great care because our back-end servers must support the old and new build at the same time. Sometimes (not too often) we have to write code that only runs while both builds are live just to keep things compatible; then we remove it. As Cam hinted, it's something you have to architect in from the very beginning.
Do people on the "old build" still interact with people on the "new build" ? or are they segregated until they get on the same build? They are segregated, except for some things like party and guild chat.
Whoever keeps that piece of code-fu working deserves a cookie. It's ok, they get a lot of cupcakes :-)
Aww man. I figured you did something like this. One of my favorite features in the entire game is not immediately getting kicked from story mode when there's a new build. I was so goddamn thrilled the first time it told me "you have 3 hours" rather than "you have three minutes." Yeah, it gives you a different amount of time depending on what you're doing. We try to minimize disruption as much as possible.
As you say, it would be pretty annoying to be 80% of the way through a dungeon and then get kicked to the new build!
Is there a point to reporting bots any more? Not "hey you aren't doing anything about them," but more along the lines of the activities I recognize as botting (identical pathing, attacking thin air, identical (default) appearance, and so forth) seems like it should be able to be recognized via an automated system. If I see twelve bots running an identical path killing ALL the things, and only report ten of those (hard to remember if I've already reported xzxcczccx as well as vbcvvbcxxxvb), do those other two get to keep on going? Or can I report only a handful to have them all looked at? Is bug reporting in game more effective than on the forum? Or the reverse? Or are they about the same? For issues like the broken skill point in Metrica Province (with the dead Hylek NPC), is it really much more complicated than "if dead, resurrect"? Surface level it seems so trivial to correct, wondering if there's more to it that players aren't seeing. We've seen some information on the breakdown of the number of players choosing races. Will we be seeing more of that type of information? (side question -- closing in on two months after release, did any of the player demographics surprise the team?) We ban bots in waves. Those two aren't getting a pass. There are several advantages of using the forums for both developers and players - we can ask for additional specific information, and also we can respond to threads on the forums. Both bug reporting and the forums are very useful for us. Personally, I wish we'd been better prepared with the Trading Post, and that we'd been better prepared with content problems with things like events and skill points.
Is the culling issue in WvW (making other players invisible for sake of serveclient issues) going to get better? Do you like the state that it is currently in? Actually we have plans to improve this a lot. The biggest problem is making sure that we don't send too much data down to the client and make people on slower connections lag out. But we think this is solvable, we're on it.
The issues with invisible players in WvW comes down to a couple of factors. One is to do with when the servers notify any given client about other characters in the game (I'll call this reporting/culling) and the other deals with the time it takes the client to present the character on the screen after it has received that notification (I'll call this asset load).
The asset load issue is all about how quickly the client can show you something it knows it should show you. We're looking in to ways that we can make that process faster, but it's always going to take non-zero time. However, that's not where the bulk of the invisible players come from. For that we have to look at the reporting/culling side of things.
In the situation where the local population density is relatively low, when another character comes in reporting range of your character the server sends a notification to your client with all of the data that it will need to track and render that character. That includes appearance data, race, gender, profession, weapon sets, etc. etc. It's an easy model to think about and works well, until the local population density goes up. When there are a lot of characters in reporting range we start to get into a situation where, under the current system, there's an overwhelming amount of data to send to the client (hello n-squared problem!) - after all, resources like client CPU/Memory/etc. and bandwidth are finite. In order to deal with this situation we elected to change the criteria for reporting characters slightly. Rather than just using a fixed range we instead also limit reporting to the closest N characters. By doing this we help to ensure that we're not overwhelming the available bandwidth and, since clients clearly can't draw or process characters they don't know about, we get some savings on client performance "for free". This works out pretty well in PvE and doesn't seem, at least as far as I can tell, to have a detrimental impact on gameplay.
Unfortunately in WvW, where large battles are quite common, we find that players are bumping into these limits quite often and the effect has a real, and unfortunate, impact on the gameplay experience. Do I like the state that it's currently in? No, honestly I don't. WvW has been my baby (though not mine alone!) for quite a while now and I really want to see EPIC battles play out in all of their glory. If there was a switch I could flip to just make this work then I would have flipped the hell out of it by now, believe me. However, when you're dealing with resource utilization issues like this there are rarely any easy answers. I'm currently, actively looking into what exactly our options are in this regard. The fix is likely to be large-ish in scope, with changes on both the client and server, but we have some ideas that look like they may work out. So, will it get better? I can't make any promises because we're still experimenting and building new tech, but as a person who works on this every day I certainly believe that it can and will do everything in my power to make that happen.
Also, more skins for weapons that are NOT GREATSWORDS. Show more love to the other weapons. Apologies in advance for only hitting one of your questions, but I'm not certain of the answers to the rest of them, so ;-)
Any plan to implement multiple trait set? That would be cool. I'd use that! We have a lot of things on the "cool to do" list though - we're working through it!
Also, what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Branded or unbranded?
What are some other things on the "Cool to do" list? Well, I'll give you a historical example. The very top of the Cool To Do list when we shipped (for me, anyway) was crafting directly from collections... done!
It's that type of thing. Sorry I can't supply anything specific, sometimes this stuff looks easy and turns out to be hard to do the right way - so I don't want to commit to anything we might end up not shipping for some reason.
sometimes this stuff looks easy and turns out to be hard to do the right way. This is the sign of a battlescarred developer, and a wise one at that. My friend, don't even get me started :-)
Tabs or spaces? 4 spaces. No tabs.
Braces on the same line as the function signature, or on the next line? :o. Same line void Foo () { ... }
sigh Way to kill my dream of working at ANet. It's important to note here that HAVING a coding standard in your studio is more important than exactly what the standard is. Being able to move into anyone else's code in the studio and not be distracted by style differences is huge.
I am currently studying as a software engineer. Any large game or software is amazing, but how do you scale it up to handle so many things happening at once and synchronize this among all players? I can imagine how you might handle player movements, but once you start having 50 players, each moving and using skills multiple times per second, all while there are other mobs... I start to lose sight how this is even possible (without using way too much bandwidth). tl;dr Could you shed light on how you scale these server transactions up to handle so many players and environment objects at once? Of course messages are trimmed down as much as possible, but the best way to save bandwidth is to not send messages in the first place. At any given time, there are a lot of characters not using skills and not changing their movement and not even visible to you. We report to you precisely what you need for your view of the world where you are standing.
What particular role do programmers play in the pre-production or design phase of game development, if any? This varies a lot by studio. In some places, preprod and design are almost entirely separate from implementation. Those are the less fortunate shops, IMHO. In more pleasant studios like ArenaNet, we do what we can to involve all disciplines in the entire production process. This means that programmers typically have input into what is technically feasible and interesting from day one of design and preproduction.
How is the coding workload typically divided up among a team of programmers, if at all, at Anet? At the moment, we're organized by major groups of features. For instance, my team is focused on security in the game; anything pertaining to that generally lands on our plate. Different individuals always have their own strengths and specialties as well, so they tend to get assigned things that (A) they will enjoy working on and (B) they'll do a great job with.
About how much time, on average, would you estimate one spends on code per day during the production phase? This is really tough. How do you define time spent on code? Does that include reading code to find a bug? Does that include time spent talking about code with other developers? Does that include planning meetings that ultimately result in creating code?
What duties do game programmers have beyond simply writing game code? Troubleshooting problems is probably the second biggest thing we do, especially post-ship. We also spend a lot of time assisting in the design of new features, as I outlined earlier, to help ensure that everything we tackle is technically solid.
Programmers are super important during the design phase - it's really easy for designers to come up with cool ideas which could never be implemented. And (surprisingly commonly) designers sometimes self-limit their ideas because they think they'd be too hard to do - when actually there's an easy way of doing them. It's a collaboration.
We have lots of programmers and lots of work to do - we use a task tracking system to keep track of it all. In general our feature teams break down their high level goals into tasks and it'll be picked up by one of the programmers on that feature team.
During production, I'd say that a normal programmer would spend about 6 hours a day writing code.
Programmers tend to do activities related to writing code - brainstorming design ideas with other programmers, writing up technical proposals, buddy checking other programmer's commits, and so on.
During pre-production programmers may be working on general engine-level features or supporting prototyping efforts of design ideas.
Workload is usually divided up per-feature. For example, I'm mainly responsible for animation-related code in the game client. However, while we do emphasize code-ownership, we also value flexibility and shared knowledge of the code base, which allows us to shift the focus of programmers as different problems arise.
This is a tricky question, as it really depends on whats being worked on. If you've got a large feature or problem already worked out in your head or on paper, you may spend the majority of the day writing the code. However you may instead be working on a tricky bug, which means you'll be spending a good amount of time reproducing the problem, reading debug info, hypothesizing, testing fixes etc. So... anywhere from 0-8 hours, assuming you're not working overtime.
Fixing bugs and coordinating with designers, artists, and/or QA teams.
Obviously aim high in whatever you do, but for someone like me who has little to no side projects that amount to anything would you suggest that I continue to work on these to set myself apart from everyone else getting into the industry or should I throw my resume out to everyone I can? I wanted to apply for the internship you guys offered but I don’t feel confident with my current skill set which happens to be the reason why I’m doing side projects. Guild Wars 2 started development in 2007-08 I believe? Over the years I imagine new technologies that were discovered may have outperformed old technologies. What would you suggest that others start to learn today that you would have like to have known in ’07 –’08. I don’t know how well the programming team delved into the design portion of the game but I imagined everyone had a “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” What was the best “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” that never made it into the release? Finally I would like to thank you guys for working on such a wonderful game. It has truly blown my expectation out of the water. P.s. What’s with all the trench coat armor for medium armor? (1) Technologies change all the time; in terms of advising somebody what to learn now ... to be successful as a programmer you'll want to be able to adapt to the the fact that technology does change so often. Experimenting with new technology is a great way to broaden your horizons as a programmer (especially if that means learning a functional language when all you've previously known are other paradigms, for example) as well as a good way to teach you how to learn new things. You totally just need to keep plugging away at your own stuff. Having things to show off is the best way to impress in an interview, and the experience you gain from doing a "real world" project (as opposed to some sort of contrived demo) can be invaluable. Certainly technology always changes. It would have been nice if things like Direct3D 11 were available and ubiquitous back in 2007, but unfortunately hardware takes time and iteration to develop. No problem. We love to play games as much you guys, so being able to make one with our own ideas is an amazing experience. Whenever anybody asks me about getting into the industry (as a programmer) my first response has to be: Write code! Write code! Write code! Also, make games!!! There is no substitute for either writing code or making games and the more you do it the better you'll get at it. So I'd say you should do both: work on side projects as much as possible and send your resume to every company that you'd like to work for. New technology is awesome but it's not the most important thing. The most important thing is fundamentals. The deeper your fundamental understanding and the stronger your critical thinking skills the easier it will be to learn (or invent) new technology on job, and you'll be doing that often. One of the best things about working at ArenaNet is that we're all there to make the best games we can. We tend to work on small, cross-discipline feature teams that provide a lot of opportunity to share ideas. There are a bunch of ideas that didn't make it in, to be sure, but we keep all those around for later and I wouldn't want to spoil anything.
To the content pipeline programmers, what is the craziest request you had where the only proper response was "just no"? What was your favorite thing to program? Often designers want us to validate content data in such a way that would require us to solve the halting problem. As you can imagine, our game content is incredibly complicated, and there are a lot of things that are computationally expensive to verify, especially every time you want to make a change.
I built a lot of the tools we used to do very large scale load testing in preparation for launch, which used Amazon EC2 instances to log nearly a hundred thousand game clients into the game in just a few minutes. It actually literally used hardware spun up all around the world, on (edit: actually FOUR) different continents. Pushing the button to start those tests was always pretty awesome.
Please tell me that button was both big and red. It's just the enter key, I'm afraid - it's a little console app that talks to all the aws datacenters around the world and tells them all to begin spinning up instances. You just type a number in the console of how many you need, and press enter, and it does everything else. It's much more exciting than that sounds.
Now that the Mac client is available, any chance of a linux client? We have no official plans to launch a linux client. Having said that, I personally use linux a lot (starting with Slackware on those sweet A/D/etc floppy disks) and would love a native client. It's also really healthy for your code to support different platforms and compilers.
And as stuzart mentions, GW2 does actually run pretty well in Wine.
Now that you mention it, it would be awesome to know that someone - maybe you - checked from time to time if updates break wine. I understand that wine compatibility can't be a show-stopper, but some of your fans really depend on it :) We do actually check this - in fact, we've made a couple of changes specifically for Wine compatibility.
How did you learn to code? Do you have any tips for a "youngling"? 1.I've been writing code my whole life. At first I was self-taught and wrote terrible self-taught code. Then I did a Computer Systems Engineering degree and learnt how to do it properly. But in general you get good at coding by writing code. 5.Write games! Seriously, just write lots of code and put something together in your spare time. Or anything technically challenging - I wrote a Game Boy emulator, that's how I got into the industry. 2 - As Cam said, most of our code base is in C++ and I do enjoy that. However my favorite language is probably the one I haven't learned yet =). I'm always trying to learn a new language because I find that just about all of them are valid in some context to solve some set of problems. I see programming languages as tools in my toolbox and picking the right one for the job is very important. Make games. Or at least find out if you enjoy making games, as it's not for everyone. If you do end up teaching yourself programming, keep short and simple goals, and just slowly build up, as there are so many things to learn that go into game development. Write code! Make games! Don't be a game programmer because you kinda want to, be a game programmer because you can't do anything else, because even if nobody paid you to do it you'll still write games anyway.
What programming language is your favorite and why? Do you prefer working on a small game or a big game? Why? 2.We mostly use C++ - so I guess that's officially my favorite language for writing a game like GW2. But from a pure language perspective, C# is probably my current favorite. I used to use Delphi (ObjectPascal) a lot, so that's probably why. 1 - I started out doing electronics stuff in high school and as a result, learned very low level things (even down to machine language programming at one point). I eventually got higher and higher level and enjoyed programming so much that in college I changed majors to programming. I love me some C++, but I'm a language geek (both computer and human) so it's hard for me to pick a favorite. I generally think that there's a right tool for every job and since languages are just another tool it really depends on what problem I'm trying to solve.
4.When I started in the industry I worked on a bunch of smaller "boutique" titles, so I feel like I've done that, and now I love the challenge of big games. 4 - Both have their advantages and my desires shift with the times. Small games are awesome as I really get the sense of directly affecting the final outcome. However the feeling of being a part of a large project completing successfully is unmatched. 5 - As Cam said, write games =). I would also like to recommend working on your math skills and problem solving skills. I find that most of my job is solving some problem given some set of constraints and nothing teaches you that skill set (IMHO) like higher math. Not to mention that math is of course incredibly useful in its own right as a programmer =P. I've done both, from a small Nintendo DS game, to this huge MMO... and I'm undecided. There are things I like and dislike about both. Amazing, challenging, terrifying, fun, stressful, and immensely rewarding. Working on games is a dream come true for me, and Gw2 is the kind of project that doesn't come along every day. I've had a blast. Small games are great because you get to finish things so (relatively) often, but working on a big game like Gw2 is like nothing else. I cut my teeth on classic cyberpunk novels (William Gibson, etc.) and I'm still enchanted by the idea of a fully realized metaverse. I love that working on a massive online world like Gw2 feels like, in some small way, I'm helping to move us toward that goal.
Can you list all the programming languages used to develop the GW2 client? Is it 100% C++ or do you also incorporate scripting languages like Python or Ruby? The game is written in C++. We do use other languages for other aspects of development (our tools framework is in C# and is uses Python for scripting). Many of us engineers will also write scripts for our own personal use, to automate some daily tasks we may do frequently (I use a lot of Powershell and Ruby).
Is Powershell any good? When I'm on windows I always feel hobbled by the non-unix shell. Even bash via MinGW/Cygwin is annoying. It has some quirks, but now that I'm familiar with it I prefer it greatly over bash and zsh, which are the other two shells I most frequently use.
Can we please get a WvW queue number? This would REALLY help, especially since it's gotten long on my server since we started winning more. Probably part of why we're winning more. Edit: (sorry, steam of consiousness) How some form of way to get to the front of the line, with limited use? Say, allow a guild to skip to the front of the queue one night a week. Players can only use during one period of time so as to avoid multi-guild abuse. I've only spent about 15 seconds so haven't thought it through, and this is more of a design thing, but this would allow casuals to better-plan a WvW night with their guild. Technically feasible, though? I understand guesting would have to be done carefully so as not to mess up balance in a tight WvW match, but could also be great. Maybe only allow players to guest to "undermanned" servers or those who are behind on total or current points. Could help create more balanced matches, and maybe you could even put a small price on it, for either the joining players (pay to have no queue!) or the ones being joined (undermanned? hire mercenaries!). Hmmm this is probably secret, but we're all friends here! We have something in development which will greatly increase the number of people who can play WvW at the same time.
I was wondering how events are scripted, do the people who create events have to script it all by hand, or do you use some sort of WYSIWYG tool that writes the scripts for them? Events and other content in our game are created with a proprietary in-house tool called Duo, which uses a custom scripting language (it's more-or-less a visual tool, but reads like text and not a graph of "nodes").
if so: What kind of language do you use? and how much flexibility does it provide? During the development of the tool we worked very closely with the designers who would be using it on a day-to-day basis to make sure that it they'd be able to use it efficiently and effectively for all the content they need to build.
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